SC Integrated Systems for Emergency Situations – SISU SRL out activities listed in ascertaining certificate as follows:

  • Private services and fire rescue incendiiilor class IV according OMAI 158/2007;
  • Equipment and staff participation in natural disasters (earthquakes, floods, forest fires, road and rail accidents, etc.);
  •  Securing devices (power sectors) with special vehicles for fire fighting, served by highly qualified personnel and documents on line psi (evacuation plans, risk scenarios, etc.);
  •  Providing specialized teams depending on the types of risks identified in competence field;
  •  Verification activities, maintenance and repair of special vehicles for fire protection;
  •  Technical maintenance activities extrication equipment and fire extinguishing systems;
  •  Survey activities equipment and facilities for fire-fighting and first intervention if necessary by public endowment beneficiary objectives;
  •  Activities of business and management consultancy;
  • Fire trucks sales activities, including airport and other destinations.