Integrated PASS and SCBA computer with 360° lights
High visibility and powerful sound SCBA computer protected under cylinder
SpiroGuide Digital Display
Powerful backlight PASS status indicators and easy operation buttons
Simple, Proven S-Mask Design
Secure, integrated second stage regulator Ambient air hatch with instant-on air High performance breathing
Robust and comfortable harness
Optimal weight distribution
Adjustable in four size from inside of harness
Easy adjustment for different body size
Large rescue handle
Easy to grab and drag out fire fighter in an emergency
Wireless Heads-Up Display (HUD)
Easy installation in mask

SPIROMATIC S7 is the seventh generation NIOSH and NFPA approved SCBA from Interspiro. It combines the latest electronic developments and a new harness concept with the proven performance of the Spiromatic-S series 1st stage regulator, 2nd stage breathing valve and the unique S-Mask with ambient air hatch.

Key components of the Spiromatic S7:

SpiroGuide Digital Display
The SpiroGuide Digital Display can be configured to show one or more of these screens:
1. Cylinder pressure symbol
2. Cylinder pressure in psi
3. Remaining air time based on actual breathing rate
4. Absorbed temperature
Two large buttons operates the integrated PASS and the motion sensor is located in the display unit for easy re-set.
SCBA Computer Protected in the backframe the SCBA computer controls all electronics and saves all usage data for future analysis. Large loudspeakers and LED ramps give clear 360° indication of PASS Alarm and Low Air Alarm.

Wireless Heads-Up Display (HUD)
The wireless HUD continuously provides hands-free indication of cylinder pressure and low air alarms. Your HUD indications can easily be seen by your buddies thanks to the Buddy Light feature. The HUD also gives you PASS status to the wearer. It is well protected inside the face mask and can easily be removed without tools.

Robust ergonomic design maximising comfort, mobility and strength. The unique double pivot feature allows the shoulder straps and waist belt to move independently, ensuring optimal weight distribution during all fire fighting operations.

S-Mask with Integrated Second Stage Breathing Valve
The integrated second stage in the face mask provides wide field of vision, better sealing due to optimal weight distribution and clear speech quality. Better hygiene is another benefit as no one has to “share” a contaminated second stage.
The regulator remains securely connected and well protected at all times. Ambient air is available at any time without removing the second stage, this is safer and quicker than removing and re-mounting the second stage valve.


NFPA 1981: 2007 Edition
NFPA 1982: 2007 Edition
NIOSH 42 CFR (Part 84)
UL 913 Class I Group C,D and Class II Group E,F,G Division 1 Hazardous locations


Alkaline batteries Duracell MN2400 or Energizer E92


30569-51 Cylinder Quick Coupling Regulator part
31232-51 Cylinder Quick Coupling Cylinder valve adapter. CGA
97289-01 RIT Drag bag rescue pack
336890493 Spectacle Kit (New Version)
99694-01 Cylinder 30 min SuperLight HP Carbon fiber
99694-01QC Cylinder 30 min SuperLight HP Carbon fiber, Quick Coupling
99695-01 Cylinder 45 min SuperLight, HP Carbon fiber
99695-01QC Cylinder 45 min SuperLight, HP Carbon fiber, Quick Coupling
99696-01 Cylinder 60 min SuperLight, HP Carbon fiber
99694-01QC Cylinder 30 min SuperLight HP Carbon fiber, Quick Coupling
30920-01 SpiroCom Mask Unit US
99359-02 BacTalk II download kit S7 / Spiroguide II
Available as HP (4500 psi) or LP (2216 psi) versions.
Available with or without Buddy Breathing.
SpiroLink – Telemetry system, additional module connected to the SCBA computer

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