Well-proven pneumatics and robust design
Reliable operation
Version with First breath activation of positive pressure
Positive pressure is always ensured
or Version with Ambient air hatch for standby use
Extended duration time
Excellent breathing valve performance
Low resistance breathing
Breathing valve is activated from inner mask
Instantenous response to workload changes
Mask and breathing valve in a compact design
No protruding parts and better visibility
Audible alarm placed on chest
Easy to locate and hear
 Available with extra air connection
Can be connected to an airline system

SPIROMATIC 90U is an entry level breathing apparatus (SCBA) for fire fighting, excellent for industrial and maritime environments. Spiromatic 90U is built upon the proven and reliable S-facemask/breathing valve and plug-in regulator, delivering Interspiro performance at a competitive price. The facemasks positive pressure eliminates inward leakage of gases, vapours and liquids from the surrounding environment. The optional ambient air hatch allows the user to switch to ambient air while in stand-by. The high capacity regulator is equipped with a safety valve for maximum safety. The audible warning is placed on the chest; the alarm will be heard even under noisy conditions. The harness is equipped with padded shoulder straps and easily adjusted hip belt buckles, providing good comfort


CE 89/686/EEC
EN 137
96/98 EC on Marine Equipment (M.E.D., Ships Wheel)


200 x 600 x 300 mm
(As delivered, without cylinder) Breathing valve M16 x 1
Extra air connection, Euro


336890493 Spectacle Kit (New Version)
Radio communication
Single 6-litre, 300 bar, steel cylinder.
Other cylinder options are available.


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