Plug-in type pressure regulator
Easy to maintain
Cylinder pack
Optimal weightdistribution and lowprofile
Integrated rescue hose
Easy to give and receive air in emergency situation
Easy to adjust harness
Optimal comfort for different body lengths
Hip belt andshoulder straps moveindependently of eachother
Maximum mobility
Body-shaped hip belt
Optimized weight distribution
Reserve air warning
Maximum safety

QS II-R combines a new harness concept with the proven performance of the Interspiro reserve air warning. Together with the Spirolite Cylinder pack and the integrated rescue hose this is a complete high specification SCBA for firefighting.
To ensure optimal comfort for different body lengths, the harness can easily be adjusted, even when the cylinder pack is attached and when the SCBA is mounted in a fire truck.
The QS II-R can be equipped with the optional Cylinder Quick Coupling (QC).


CE 89/686/EEC


30569-51 Cylinder Quick Coupling Regulator part
30553-51 Cylinder Quick Coupling Cylinder valve adapter, EN144
31356-51 Chest strap QS II / S7
SPII-M SuperPASS II-M Movement
336921700 SuperPASS II-H (SPII-H) Movement and temperature
338190062 Hose for Trellchem, 0,6 m
338190060 Coupling & hose, Trellchem IS, non-return opener
Radio communication


31803-01 Basic model QS II-R Rescue hose, left
31803-03 Basic model QS II-R without rescue hose
31803-01 QC Basic model QS II-R Rescue hose, left
96425-04 QS-R Regulator unit Rescue hose, left
96425-04QC QS-R Regulator unit Rescue hose, left
31330-51 QS II-R Harness for cylinder pack




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